Who Whacked Ms. Faire LeSquare?

What an amazing adventure we had today searching for clues to the cause of Ms. Faire LeSquare’s death. In the end, it turned out she didn’t die at all, just left town and fled north. Thank goodness!


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Thank you Portland Afoot!

December 19 – The Reunion

It had been far too long since we had met up for an adventure, so when Winter Break finally arrived we mobilized the team and made our plan. Stevie’s sister Anna tagged along for the ride, and everyone had a blast as we explored Portland, Oregon City, Gladstone, Damascus, Eagle Creek, Estacada, and Clackamas by mass transit. Once we had reentered the city limits it was well into the afternoon, so rather than continuing out to Boring, OR, we decided to come to rest for the day in SE Portland.

Highlights included visiting the bridge and observation tower in Oregon City, and socializing with children from Clackamas River Elementary School while waiting for the 30 to take us back towards Portland.


A record breaking 80+ miles were traveled by transit on this historic TMW!